María de Santos

Pianist who sees far beyond the black and white of the keys. Passionate about music and all kind of projects that treat it as an interdisciplinary art adapted to the century in which we live. You can see me teaching, playing, involved in my digital world, learning, practicing outdoor sports or traveling, and sometimes all at the same time.

What I Do


I've spent my entire life pressing the piano keys and I keep doing that day after day. I like to play solo repertoire but what I enjoy most is playing chamber music or accompanying choirs.

Web and Graphic Design

I can spend hours and hours in front of my laptop designing websites, posters, social media posts... I lose the track of time between lines, shapes, CSS, fonts and color palettes... but who doesn't?


I truly believe there is nothing more precious than the fact of learning. That's why, as a musician, I had also to try the teacher's side; and I love it. Seeing the progress of my students and the love for music that is growing in them it really fills my heart.

Digital Marketing

I don't know where my passion for digital marketing comes from, but what I know it's that I am really good at that. My creative and entrepreneurial mindset, my hard-working skills, and my multidisciplinary vision make of me an unique marketing profile.

Fun Facts

Happy Students


Instruments I play


Sports that I practice


Continents I've been to

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